Why Menu Planning?

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We're picking up what you're laying down: too much to do, too little time. Frazzled, you dial up for pizza, thaw a frozen meal, and brace yourself for the family groanfest. Even if you like to cook, the chore of planning can zap your sass.

Got the what-to-do-about-dinner dilemma?

It's time to dish up dinner that gets yays not nays. Stick with us, and we'll turn your routine into real good.

For just $7 per month, we'll load you up with healthy, delicious, can-do dinners.  You'll get menus, recipes, grocery lists, a mobile app, specialty menus, weekly features, and more.

Each week we feed you detailed meal plans chock-a-block with entrees, side dishes and desserts - each thoroughly tested and perfected. You choose from 15 different recipes, and scale 'em to your family's needs, from 2 to 8 servings.

Select your meals and ta-da! a detailed grocery list is stop-and-shop ready. At the market,  you'll save time and money with an organized plan.

Best of all, the simple gourmet meals take just 30 minutes or less to prepare. And you get these great extras: gourmet freezer meal menus, vegetarian meal alternatives, kid-friendly selections, dinner party menus and more.

Fill out the form to receive our eBook of the 10 easiest desserts!

What our members are saying!

Katharine Callaway: Tuson AZ

Last night we had the Black Bean Burgers, they were so yummy even my 7 year old ate it

Mary Dilley, Centennial, CO

"Every Thursday I log on to see, What meals Relish has put on for me. It's always a thrill.

Jillian Drangsholt, Edmonds, WA

"It couldn't be easier. Thank you Relish"

Michelle Westhuis, Lafayette, IN

"Meal planning has been one the hardest chores to tackle in my marriage."